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 Guild Rules & Misson Statement

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PostSubject: Guild Rules & Misson Statement   Guild Rules & Misson Statement I_icon_minitimeSun May 08, 2011 1:19 pm

As a guild we expect EVERY member to know these rules/ objectives & abide by them, failing to do so will be followed by consequences so please take the time to read the following:

Immortal Guild Objectives:

*Achieve maximum member activity - This means being active in game, attending T/A's, Sieges & guild events. Becoming inactive for longer than 30 days WITHOUT NOTICE will result in being marked as inactive and possibly removed from the guild.

*Support the guild by being a team member - As a member of Immortal you are expected to work with your fellow members to level, Dungeon Party and look out for one another.

*Participate on Immortal forums, Guild chat & Ventrilo - We strongly recommend members to participate in talking to other members during gameplay, this strengthens our guild / family bond and makes the game much more enjoyable.

*Level your character - We expect guild members to be leveling their characters at every chance they get, as competition for dungeons is strong we recommend leveling to Rank 6 & 7 as quickly as possible so that we can be more competitive in sieges and PVP.

Immortal Guild Rules:

*Pking is allowed in Immortal we prohibit the killing of Dungeon Parties on SS or in general, running through DMR killing low levels is a NO GO.

*Each member is allowed to have ONE alternative character in guild as long as A.) Your main is in guild, B.) Your alternative meets the level requirements of at least level 50 and ONE above 100. No witch alts. Only time witch alts are aloud to join is when we own LM. Then the witch alt must leave once we drop the dungeon or it becomes lvl 90 which ever is sooner. l & C.) Your main continues to be leveled and not be put to waste.

*Help fellow guild members and treat them as you would like to be treated.

*We like talkative members so please use guild chat in a positive manner. This simply means, do not disrespect other guildies, no racism, bigotry, begging or solicitation. To increase your chances of being in T/A's & Sieges Ventrilo/Skype is a MUST whilst sieging we cannot afford to be typing every 5 seconds, so please download & install Ventrilo.

* If in a Dungeon Party & a member is in need, please put them first before non-guildies and save them a spot if one is available, asking members if they are in need of a DP as soon as you find one is recommended.

*No Scamming/ abide by Rappelz general rules, be happy & enjoy the company of your fellow guildies.

Immortal Guild Requirements & Recruitment Process:

* Must be a minimum level of 126.
* Must be your main character, not an alternative.
*Must be friendly and abide by the guild rules, objectives and mission statement.


*Voting on a new recruit to join is a privilege, so please do not abuse it by voting for someone you have not taken the time to meet in game, voting yes or no because others have or because you want to is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

*A discussion forum is available for current members to discuss new recruits being voted upon, this is private & ONLY IMMORTAL & ALLIANCE MEMBERS can access this and voice your opinion on the new recruit & explain the reason for your vote.

Guild Ranking System:
The Guild ranking system is put in place to assure everyone in guild does their part to run and help the guild grow in both numbers and performance, Each level range of members are responsible for recruiting their range of players into the guild and creating guild Dp's for the members in that level range so they may level together to reach the next Rank.

The Captian rank is held by members in guild, who have the power to invite people, change guild announcement, write notes
Captain(s) are:

The General Officer rank is held by members in guild, who have the power to invite people, change guild announcements, write notes, manage Time Attacks
General Officer(s) are:

The Commander rank is held by members in guild, who have the power to invite people, change guild annoucements, write notes, manage Time Attacks, manage Dungeon

GUILD MASTERS are: Pyrotechnics & xMsDemonx

New Members and Introduction:
As a Family we like to know who is in the guild & get to know each other so a nice brief introduction about yourself would be nice and is strongly recommended, its nice to know where our members are from and what their interests are.


*If a player does not have an account on the forum to post in the Absence section they are required to sign up to the forums.

*Any player going inactive for a period of 30 days without notifying us will be marked as inactive and removed from the guild.

*Logging in, going 'AFK & not leveling or communicating with fellow guildies is NOT ACTIVE so please do not do this as you will be counted as inactive & possibly removed from the guild.

Forum Rules:

*Do not abuse the forums, they are here for the guild to keep up to date with sieges, T/A's & other guild events.

*Do not flame the forums, although we do accept that everyone is allowed their own opinion, we do not accept people putting down or bagging fellow members or players & prefer to keep the negative opinions behind closed doors.

*Try to refrain from double posting, there is an edit button there for a reason so use it.

*If you have a problem with something on the forum, or would like something changed that you think could better the forums or guild please dont hesitate to ask an administrator , moderator or post a thread in the 'Advice/Improvement' section of the forums found here

*Threads that have been in-active for 2-3 Weeks will be closed and depending on the forum it is from, moved to archive or deleted, this is too keep the forums clean and tidy.

Any Questions or enquiries please don't hesitate to ask, and remember a great big HELLO and GOODBYE are most welcome & recommended whilst coming & going on & offline.

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Guild Rules & Misson Statement
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